Dr. Jack Wolfson DO, FACC

Dr. Jack Wolfson DO, FACC

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Could the medical system as we know it be fundamentally flawed? That’s the question our guest, Dr. Jack Wolfson a board-certified cardiologist, compels us to grapple with.

From his father’s battle with a Parkinson’s like illness, to his departure from the largest traditional cardiology group in Arizona, to creating Natural Heart Doctor, his story is an eye-opening exploration of a health approach that prioritizes treating the cause rather than the symptom.

Episode Summary:

Could the medical system as we know it be fundamentally flawed? That’s the riveting question my guest, a board-certified cardiologist, compels us to grapple with in this transformative conversation. Sharing his personal journey from practicing conventional cardiology to becoming a champion of ‘root cause’ medicine, he pulls back the curtain on a system that often overlooks the significance of lifestyle modifications and nutrition in disease management. From his father’s battle with progressive super nuclear palsy to his departure from a traditional cardiology group to create Natural Heart Doctor, his story is an eye-opening exploration of a health approach that prioritizes treating the cause rather than the symptom.

We further dissect the enormous influence of pharmaceutical companies on medical practices and education. Challenging the ethical implications of a system where doctors are incentivized to prescribe medications, our guest exposes the power dynamics that often neglect the critical role diet and lifestyle play in maintaining our health. His insights will challenge your assumptions and may redefine the way you perceive health and pharmaceuticals.

In the later part of our conversation, we explore the health benefits of the paleo diet and how it can help to combat the alarming rates of cardiovascular disease. We delve into the politicization of vaccines, underlining the need for more transparent and informed dialogues on their use. As we conclude, you’ll be inspired by the potential of alternative health strategies and the power of a holistic approach to health. This conversation promises to be a game-changer, reshaping your understanding of medicine and health. Join us as we redefine health and wellness, one conversation at a time.


(0:00:00) – Entering and Leaving Traditional Cardiology
(0:06:21) – Challenging Traditional Medical Practices
(0:14:41) – Paleo Diet Health Benefits
(0:20:53) – Pharma Control and Medical Training
(0:30:44) – Vaccine Injuries and Health Strategies

Chapter Summaries:

(0:00:00) – Leaving Traditional Cardiology (6 Minutes)

My journey of becoming a board certified cardiologist and watching my father die from progressive super nuclear palsy has been a difficult one. I was introduced to a new approach to medicine, one that focused on going after the cause of disease, by a woman. This ultimately led me to leave the big cardiology group and start my own company Natural Heart Doctor, which is now the nation’s number one natural heart doctor. I also discuss how the pharmaceutical companies have co-opted medical education, and how DOs often practice the same pharmaceutical-based model as MDs.

(0:06:21) – Challenging Traditional Medical Practices (8 Minutes)

Having seen my father succumb to progressive supranuclear palsy, I discuss the lack of medical understanding of what leads to disease, and how the pharmaceutical industry controls the medical system. It’s been proven that doctors can be bought for the price of a plastic pen, and there’s no training in nutrition or healthy lifestyle choices. We are committed to replacing modern cardiovascular medicine with root cause medicine, which involves viewing any diagnosis through the lens of eat well, live well, think well.

(0:14:41) – Paleo Diet Health Benefits (6 Minutes)

From my experience of becoming a cardiologist and seeing my father pass away from progressive supranuclear palsy, I understand how pharmaceuticals can provide a false sense of security and fail to address the root cause of illnesses. Heart disease is still the number one killer worldwide, and we are seeing younger and younger people with cardiovascular issues. To prevent these issues, we must take proactive steps to eat well, live well, and think well. To do this, I recommend a paleo diet that includes grass-fed meats, wild seafood, eggs, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits. Dairy can be an occasional treat, but our ancestors did not have milk. Avoiding processed and artificial foods is also key.

(0:20:53) – Pharma Control and Medical Training (10 Minutes)

I grew up with an understanding of the impact of pharmaceuticals in medicine. I was taught to write prescriptions for patients, regardless of the potential risks and rewards. But the truth is, pharmaceuticals are a massive industry, worth $1.5 trillion. The medical industry has allowed this to happen, incentivizing doctors to prescribe medications and rewarding them for doing so. Pharmaceutical companies have controlled the system, making doctors hesitant to try something different.


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