My Story

While in college, I was the guy voted to get married first. I looked forward to marriage and planned to have children early in life but it didn’t work out that way. As the years turned to decades, the hope and dream of being married to a wonderful woman and having children began to fade.


In my 40’s, especially my late 40’s, I was about to give up hope on kids since I didn’t know anyone who had children that late in life. Searching the web, I found a few movie stars and other rich and famous, but even those were few and far between.


Eventually I did marry at the age of 50 and had my first child at 51. We were blessed with our second son two years later.

So be encouraged, you too can have happy, healthy children after 50!

As my sons passed through the toddler years it began to be clear to me that having children late in life has its unique challenges which led me to start FathersAfter50.

Best to you all, Greg

How FathersAfter50 came to life

The idea first came to me over 10 years ago. When I was in my late 30’s & 40’s I wasn’t married & was getting a bit depressed about it. I’d been in several long term relationships that didn’t work out. In my late 40’s I was trying to find anyone, anywhere who had a child after 50, just to have hope. Back then the internet wasn’t what it is today so it was a real challenge to find anyone. Every now and then an article would be in a magazine or a brief story on television and each story gave me hope.


Much to everyone’s surprise, I did get married. At the age of 50. Then was blessed with my first son at 51 & my 2nd at 53. The idea of FathersAfter50 was still on my mind to encourage others but as time passed and life circumstances changed I realized having children after 50 is much different than having children in your 20’s, 30’s or even 40’s. That realization is what led me to start FathersAfter50.


The unique aspect of Fathers After 50 are stories about men (and women) who had children after the age of 50. But it is much more than that.


The goal is to inspire everyone to become all they can be, especially those of us who are over 50 who might have given up on our dream, perhaps our health isn’t as good as we’d like, or we’re having trouble with finances or relationships. If we can be inspired to take action on our goals and dreams, often everything else falls into place.


So my guests tend to be those who are either experts in their field (of any age), but the majority are about people who have started a business, dramatically improved their health, or have achieved something remarkable after the age of 50.


I hope you are helped and inspired by listening to the many great guests on Fathers After 50!


All the best, Greg