Dr. Doug Lucas, DO

Dr. Doug Lucas, DO

  Osteoporosis, it’s Not just for Women anymore! Instead, Get Fantastic Bones After 50!!!         …

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Do men need to be concerned about osteoporosis? Yes, we do!

Today we explore the often-neglected but crucial issue of osteoporosis in men, and why younger generations are facing bone density challenges linked to lifestyle choices.

Dr. Doug Lucas, a double board-certified physician leads an eye-opening discussion on the critical roles of diet, exercise, and hormone optimization in fostering strong bones.


Episode Summary:

We unlock the secrets of bone health for men over 50 (and women!) with Dr. Doug, a double board-certified physician! Explore the often-neglected but crucial issue of osteoporosis in men, and why younger generations are facing bone density challenges linked to lifestyle choices and hormonal imbalances. Dr. Doug leads an eye-opening discussion on the critical roles of diet, exercise, and hormone optimization in fostering strong bones. He also highlights the startling statistic that men are more susceptible to death after suffering hip fractures, underscoring the gravity of this health concern.

Venture beyond the surface with Dr. Doug as we examine the intricate connections between diet and bone health. We scrutinize the myths surrounding fats and cholesterol, and how an animal-based diet could be a game-changer for those with inflammatory bowel diseases. Dr. Doug unpacks the detailed process of preparing plant-based foods to minimize anti-nutrients and champions the nutritional powerhouse that is beef. He also provides peace of mind for parents worried about their children’s bone health, emphasizing the predominance of trauma-related fractures over dietary-induced ones in kids.

Step into the world of health optimization where Dr. Doug shares his personal journey and introduces the Health Optimization Pyramid, a holistic approach encompassing nutrition, exercise, sleep, and spiritual health. Learn how these pillars frame his telehealth practice, guiding patients towards a personalized health utopia. The conversation also ventures into the realms of peptides, fasting, sauna benefits, and the complex landscape of stem cell therapy, offering a wealth of knowledge for anyone on the relentless pursuit of peak health and longevity. Join us for an episode brimming with actionable insights that redefine what it means to age with vitality and strength.


(0:00:00) – Bone Health and Fathers After 50
(0:13:34) – Dietary Considerations and Bone Health
(0:25:20) – Health Optimization
(0:31:00) – Importance of Mindset and Optimal Health
(0:37:39) – Impact of Fasting and Health

Chapter Summaries:

(0:00:00) – Bone Health and Fathers After 50 (14 Minutes)

This chapter focuses on the importance of bone health, particularly for men who may not traditionally be the target of osteoporosis messaging. Dr. Doug Lucas bring to light the often-overlooked issue of men suffering from bone density loss at increasingly younger ages due to factors such as low testosterone levels, poor diet, stress, and lack of proper UV exposure. Emphasizing the role of nutrition, load-bearing exercise, and hormone optimization in maintaining strong bones, Dr. Doug also touches upon how men are more likely to die following a hip fracture compared to women. Furthermore, he underscores the need for early intervention and regular bone health testing, especially as men reach their 50s and 60s, to prevent the significant impact of bone-related injuries on lifestyle and lifespan.

(0:13:34) – Dietary Considerations and Bone Health (12 Minutes)

This chapter examines the complexities of plant-based nutrients and the potential drawbacks of consuming certain vegetables due to their anti-nutrient content, such as lectins and phytates. We discuss the optimal preparation methods for beans to reduce these anti-nutrients, including sprouting, soaking, and cooking at high temperatures or in a pressure cooker. He also addresses the paradigm shift from the belief that dietary fats and cholesterol are bad for heart health to a more nuanced understanding of nutrition. The conversation then transitions to the benefits of an animal-based diet, especially for individuals with inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis, highlighting how a carnivore diet can lead to remission. We evaluate different sources of protein, focusing on the nutritional superiority of beef due to cows’ unique digestive systems, which filter out toxins from their feed. The topic of bone health in children is also touched upon, with the conclusion that most childhood fractures are due to trauma rather than dietary deficiencies, as bone density is hard to measure in this demographic. Overall, we explore the importance of diet preparation, choice of protein, and its impact on gut health and bone development.

(0:25:20) – Health Optimization (6 Minutes)

This chapter covers the personal journey of shifting careers due to family needs and an unsatisfactory medical political environment, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and the passion for educating others on health optimization. We explore the Health Optimization Pyramid framework, which includes nutrition, exercise, sleep, social connection, mindset, and spiritual health as foundational pillars. The discussion highlights how mastering these lifestyle aspects with the help of coaches and dieticians can lead to targeted supplementation, hormone optimization, and the avoidance of common causes of death. We also discuss specific strategies for improving each pillar, such as resistance training for exercise and creating an optimal sleep environment, underlining the critical role of good sleep in overall health.

(0:31:00) – Importance of Mindset and Optimal Health (7 Minutes)

This chapter addresses the importance of mindset and spiritual health as critical components of overall well-being, highlighting that without the right mindset, even the best resources cannot foster improvement. We discuss the significance of integrating mindset coaching into health programs and the challenges of addressing spiritual health due to its highly personal nature. Moving on, we explore the intriguing world of peptides, which straddle the line between supplements and pharmaceuticals. These compounds, often used for body composition, cognitive function, and immune support, are synthesized by compounding pharmacies and face scrutiny from the FDA. Lastly, Dr. Doug touches on the ultimate routine for optimal health and longevity, emphasizing that while time and money can enhance health optimization, the most impactful practices, like sleep and stress management, do not necessarily require financial investment but rather a commitment to self-care and viewing oneself as an athlete in life’s journey.

(0:37:39) – Impact of Fasting and Health (7 Minutes)

This chapter tackles the complexities of fasting, examining the potential benefits and pitfalls of various fasting methods, including 16/8 intermittent fasting, alternate-day fasting, and extended fasts. We explore the balance between fasting-induced autophagy and the risk of protein deficiency and muscle loss, emphasizing the importance of muscle as the ‘organ of longevity.’ Additionally, Dr. Doug shares personal experiences with fasting, the social challenges it presents, and insights into the timing and frequency of fasts for optimal health benefits. The conversation shifts to the benefits of sauna use, particularly traditional over infrared saunas, and the cardiovascular advantages akin to exercise. The topic of ice baths is also broached, discussing their use for recovery and mindset, while noting the timing in relation to workouts to avoid blunting muscle growth. Finally, we touch on the promising yet uncertain field of stem cell therapy, highlighting the need for caution given the mixed evidence and potential risks involved.


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