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Teresa Yang, DDS

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When it comes to keeping those pearly whites, well, pearly, it turns out the devil’s in the details, including good nutrition, avoiding sugar, and embracing a daily dental routine.

Dr. Yang, a seasoned dentist shares pearls of wisdom with us about all things dental including how to brush and floss, electric compared to manual toothbrushes, water flossers, crowns, implants, how to avoid gum disease and a whole lot more!


Episode Summary:

Ever pondered the secret behind a radiant smile that lasts a lifetime? Dr. Yang, a seasoned dentist, joins us to unravel the mysteries of dental health. She explains why issues like cavities and gum disease are rampant in our sugar-loving society and what you can do to dodge them with proactive measures like optimal diet, diligent oral hygiene, and not skimping on those dental check-ups. We also venture into the less-discussed realm of dental anxiety, laying bare the advancements in x-ray tech that make those necessary snaps as comfy and safe as can be.

Step into the advanced realm of restorative dentistry where Dr. Yang demystifies implants and crowns, and candidly shares her insights on the debated practice of dental tourism. From her personal experiences and stories of patients, learn the vital points to consider before pursuing dental work beyond borders. Dr. Yang also takes us behind the scenes of her literary venture, a reflection of the curiosity and concerns raised by her  patients, especially through the trying times of the pandemic.

When it comes to keeping those pearly whites, well, pearly, it turns out the devil’s in the details – or rather, in the daily dental routine. Dr. Yang lays out the blueprint for effective brushing and flossing, ensuring you’re not just going through the motions. We weigh the merits of fancy electric toothbrushes against their humble manual counterparts and get the lowdown on whether water flossers are worth the splash. Wrapping up, Dr. Yang underscores the game-changing nature of dental implants and hands out golden nuggets of oral health wisdom that could very well be the difference between a grin that’s just fine and one that truly sparkles.


(0:00:00) – Dental Health
(0:12:16) – Implants, Crowns, and Dental Tourism
(0:18:52) – Evaluating Dental Professionals and Toothpaste
(0:27:28) – Brushing Techniques and Dental Tools
(0:31:29) – Dental Implants and Oral Health Tips

Chapter Summaries:

(0:00:00) – Dental Health (12 Minutes)

This chapter welcomes Dr. Yang, who shares her journey into dentistry, driven by a blend of entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for science. We explore common dental issues, particularly cavities and gum disease, which are prevalent due to our sugar-laden diets and the complexities of oral bacteria and inflammation. We discuss the challenges of treating phobic patients and emphasize the importance of regular dental check-ups, proper diet, and oral hygiene as preventative measures. Additionally, we examine the rationale behind the frequency and variety of dental x-rays, their diagnostic purposes, the advent of digital x-rays with lower radiation, and the relative impact of radiation at different ages, underscoring the importance of informed patient consent and tailored dental care.

(0:12:16) – Implants, Crowns, and Dental Tourism (7 Minutes)

This chapter begins by explaining dental implants, their composition, and their longevity, touching upon the issues that may arise over time, such as loosening and gum recession, particularly around crowns on front teeth. Dr. Yang shares insights into why gums may recede from crowns but not from natural teeth, discussing the impact of aging and gum disease. We also talk about the evolution of dental materials, moving from porcelain fused to metal, to metal-free options that prevent unsightly dark lines at the gum. Additionally, she reflects on her journey writing a book about dentistry, inspired by the repetitive nature of patient inquiries. Finally, we address the complexities of dental tourism, including the importance of assessing the quality of care, sterilization practices, and understanding the risks involved, exemplified by an anecdote of a patient who had to replace beautiful but fragile dental work done abroad.

(0:18:52) – Evaluating Dental Professionals and Toothpaste (9 Minutes)

This chapter examines the challenges in assessing the integrity and competence of dentists, acknowledging that while negative reports can skew public perception, most dental professionals are committed to ethical practices. We discuss how sensationalized news, such as reports on unnecessary dental procedures, can impact trust in dentistry. Dr. Yang shares insights on how patients can gauge the honesty and skill of their dentist, suggesting they seek recommendations from trusted individuals, verify professional credentials, and trust their own judgment regarding a dentist’s recommendations. Highlighting the importance of being cautious, Greg recounts a personal anecdote about seeking multiple opinions for a dental issue, ultimately advocating for patients to obtain a second opinion when in doubt about proposed treatments.

(0:27:28) – Brushing Techniques and Dental Tools (4 Minutes)

This chapter tackles the essentials of proper tooth brushing techniques, emphasizing the importance of being gentle and systematic. We start by outlining an effective brushing routine that includes the outer surfaces, chewing surfaces, and inner surfaces of both the upper and lower teeth. We then touch on the recommended two-minute brushing time, with a nod to the convenience of electric toothbrushes that often come with built-in timers. The discussion shifts to whether an electric toothbrush is necessary, concluding that while they can be more effective at removing plaque, they are not a must-have for everyone. The conversation also covers the additional features of electric toothbrushes, suggesting that many are unnecessary and contribute to a higher cost. We also explore the use of water flossers as an alternative or complement to traditional flossing, especially useful for those with braces or difficulty removing food particles. Finally, we briefly mention advancements in dentistry, tempering expectations about the development of growing teeth within our lifetimes despite progress in enamel research in laboratory settings.

(0:31:29) – Dental Implants and Oral Health Tips (14 Minutes)

This chapter kicks off with the transformative impact of dental implants, an innovative solution that has revolutionized the way we replace missing teeth, providing a natural feel akin to real teeth. We discuss the evolution of dental materials, noting the shift from unsightly metal crowns and fillings to tooth-colored options that blend seamlessly with our natural teeth. Emphasizing the importance of oral hygiene, we highlight the role of genetics, regular brushing and flossing, routine dental check-ups, and a balanced diet in maintaining dental health into old age. The conversation touches on the potential benefits of xylitol gum for cavity prevention, although its necessity after thorough brushing is questioned. We wrap up with an intriguing discussion about the complex interplay of bacteria in our mouths, acknowledging that while some bacteria contribute to tooth decay, the notion of a single beneficial bacterium that could prevent cavities remains unverified.


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