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Jack Wolfson

  Child #4 at 50! Loving Life and Changing the World thru Wellness!         …

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From their 1st child to their 4th, at age 50 for Jack, Doctors Jack and Heather have embraced a holistic approach to health and family. From home birth, to avoiding all pharmaceuticals , this family focuses on optimal health.

And good thing, because balancing two bustling careers with the demands and pleasures of a growing family requires the ongoing dance between professional obligations and raising happy, healthy, and productive children!


Episode Summary:

Join me on a heartwarming journey with Dr. Jack Wolfson, a renowned natural heart health expert, as he shares the beautiful story of embracing fatherhood after 50 (child #4!). In our candid discussion, Jack recounts the romance with his life partner, Dr. Heather, and the lifestyle changes they made, leading to a transformative approach to wellness and parenting. Together, they’ve navigated the road of natural child-rearing, from a home birth to eschewing pharmaceuticals, offering listeners a glimpse into the joy and complexity of being an active, older parent.

Listen in as Jack reflects on the delicate act of juggling a demanding career with the bustling life of parenting multiple children. He opens up about the personal strategies for spending quality time with each child and how integrating family life with work can create a harmonious blend of responsibilities and passions. As a father, Jack touches upon the involvement of older siblings in caring for the younger ones and muse over the possibility of his family growing even further. It’s a contemplative look at the surprises life holds and how embracing them with open arms can lead to an enriched family experience.

We wrap up this episode by tackling the sensitive and rarely discussed nuances of older parenthood. Hear about the health considerations, societal perceptions, and the potential for intergenerational wisdom. With Jack’s insights, we explore how leading by example is crucial for raising healthy, happy kids, and how modern life expectancies and healthier lifestyles can redefine the traditional parenting timeline. So tune in and join us on this insightful exploration of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness through the lens of parenthood after 50.


(0:00:00) – Fatherhood After 50
(0:10:35) – Balancing Work and Parenting With Children
(0:23:22) – Parenting and Prioritizing Growth in All Areas
(0:35:24) – Concerns and Benefits of Older Parenthood
(0:39:54) – Wild Mamas

Chapter Summaries:

(0:00:00) – Fatherhood After 50 (11 Minutes)

This chapter features the return of Dr. Jack Wolfson, a renowned natural heart health expert who shares his personal journey of becoming a father after 50. I explore Jack’s path to finding the right partner, Dr. Heather, and how their union led to a transformative shift in his lifestyle and approach to wellness. We discuss the unexpected ease of their first pregnancy and the decision to embrace natural child-rearing practices, which included a home birth and avoidance of pharmaceuticals for their children. Jack also touches on the joys and surprises of parenting at a later age, highlighting his active involvement in his children’s lives and the dynamics of changing diapers at 50. Through Jack’s narrative, listeners gain insight into the challenges and rewards of fatherhood beyond the conventional timeline.

(0:10:35) – Balancing Work and Parenting With Children (13 Minutes)

This chapter opens with a humorous reference to the movie “Grown Ups” and the use of months to describe a child’s age, leading to a reflection on the joys and challenges of parenting multiple children. I share my personal experiences with the changing dynamics of fatherhood as my family grew, emphasizing the importance of both quality and quantity time, and the expression of love and affection to each child. Balancing a demanding career with parenting, I discuss how older siblings can be a help with younger ones, and how integrating family into work life, as seen during a recent conference trip, can blend responsibilities and passions. The chapter closes with a contemplative note on the possibility of expanding our family even further, accepting life’s surprises with open arms.

(0:23:22) – Parenting and Prioritizing Growth in All Areas (12 Minutes)

This chapter, we explore the multifaceted approach a family with two doctor parents takes to foster their children’s spiritual, mental, and physical growth. We discuss their active lifestyle, which includes outdoor and winter sports, and their spiritual practices, such as nightly prayers and participation in local church youth groups. I highlight the importance of community and the educational value of exploring various belief systems respectfully. We also touch on the individualized approach to homeschooling, emphasizing a well-rounded education that includes practical skills alongside academic and creative pursuits. Additionally, we cover the unique practice of co-sleeping and its impact on family bonding, suggesting that this tradition offers a deep connection often missed in modern child-rearing.

(0:35:24) – Concerns and Benefits of Older Parenthood (4 Minutes)

This chapter tackles the sensitive topic of having children at older ages, with a particular focus on the health concerns and societal implications for both parents and children. I explore the increased birth risks associated with older mothers and fathers, and emphasize the importance of being the healthiest version of oneself to ensure the best outcomes for offspring. We consider the historical context of childbearing and discuss how modern life expectancies and healthier lifestyles can support older parenthood. The conversation also touches on the potential benefits of having older parents, such as wisdom and attention, versus the potential drawbacks of age. In closing, Dr. Jack Wilson shares insights on leading by example for raising healthy, happy kids, and invites listeners to connect with him for further discussion on heart health and wellness.

(0:39:54) – Wild Mamas (1 Minutes)

This chapter features Jack sharing his experiences as a father after the age of 50, highlighting the importance of nutrition and fertility. We explore the benefits of animal organ-based supplements from grass-fed, unvaccinated bison, available on Heather’s mama’s website, wildmamas.com. These products aim to provide essential nutrients for both men and women to support optimal fertility, pregnancy, and child health. Join us as we uncover the journey of parenthood later in life and the vital role that a natural, nutrient-rich diet plays in the process. Thank you for tuning in, and if you’ve found inspiration or helpful advice, please subscribe and pass this episode along to someone who might benefit from our discussion.


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