Erik Scott

Erik Scott

  Energized Dad after 50: Fatherhood after 50, Revitalizing Health Through Stem Cell Therapy, plus Health & Fitness!         …

Erik Scott Father After 50, Health, Fitness & Longevity

Erik Scott is all about health, personal development, and being a great husband and dad. He is a recent Father After 50 who plans to be an Energized Dad for his daughter and wife.

Erik had serious back pain for years, resolving his herniated and compressed disks by travelling to Medellín, Colombia for stem cell treatment, instead of having surgery.

This Energized Dad has great insights on how to improve health and increase longevity, through nutrition and fitness!


Episode Summary:

When Eric realized he was about to become a father at 50, he knew it was time to supercharge his health and vitality. Our latest episode features this ‘Energized Dad’, who takes us through his life-altering journey of embracing fatherhood in his golden years, his commitment to a health-focused lifestyle, and how stem cell therapy in Medellín, Colombia, played a critical role in his recovery from severe back pain. His story isn’t just about personal transformation; it’s a narrative that interweaves the challenges and triumphs of late parenthood with a relentless pursuit of well-being.

As we sit down with Eric, he unveils the intricate dance of managing a long-distance relationship with his wife Sasha, their decision to start a family, and the lifestyle choices that keep them thriving. His firsthand account of combating back pain through various treatments before landing on stem cell therapy sheds light on the innovative avenues for maintaining health beyond the conventional. Eric’s journey is not just about recovery but also about the commitment to an ongoing discipline that includes an anti-inflammatory diet crucial for augmenting the benefits of this groundbreaking treatment.

In our final segment, we explore the symbiotic relationship between nutrition, fitness, and personal development. Eric champions a proactive approach to meal planning and hydration, illustrating that dietary discipline can indeed be both fulfilling and fun. Highlighting the importance of strength training and protein intake, especially past the age of 50, he encourages listeners to integrate their fitness regime with family life, thereby fostering a holistic environment for sustainable health. Join Eric as he imparts wisdom on embracing the ‘long game’ in health, ensuring a legacy of vitality for oneself and loved ones.


(0:00:00) – Fatherhood After 50
(0:09:04) – Stem Cell Therapy and Longevity
(0:18:38) – Stem Cell Therapy and Fitness Coaching
(0:30:03) – Nutrition, Fitness, and Personal Development

Chapter Summaries:

(0:00:00) – Fatherhood After 50 (9 Minutes)

In this chapter, I speak with Eric about his unique experiences as a new father after the age of 50. We explore the concept of ‘Energized Dad’ and how it helps men over 50 stay healthy and energized, his personal experience with stem cell therapy in Medellin, Colombia, and the profound impact fatherhood has had on his life, including his mission and perspective on health, discipline, and longevity. We touch on his marriage to Sasha, their long-distance relationship, and their eventual reunion and decision to start a family. Eric also shares his thoughts on future fatherhood as he ages, and the lifestyle choices he and his wife make to maintain their health and happiness for themselves and their daughter.

(0:09:04) – Stem Cell Therapy and Longevity (10 Minutes)

This chapter explores the importance of maintaining health and vitality for men over 50 who are parents or considering parenthood. We touch on the significance of nutrition, fitness, and sleep in sustaining energy and health to keep up with younger children. Erik discusses his personal experience with extreme back pain due to intense physical activities and the journey through various treatments before deciding on stem cell therapy. Highlighting the decision-making process, we examine the specifics of Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) treatment, its benefits, and the procedure he underwent at a specialized facility in Columbia (BioExcellorator). The conversation concludes with insights on the importance of an anti-inflammatory diet to complement the stem cell therapy for optimal results.

(0:18:38) – Stem Cell Therapy and Fitness Coaching (11 Minutes)

This chapter examines the transformative impact of stem cell therapy, highlighting a personal journey of recovery from severe physical injury. We explore the reasons behind seeking treatment abroad, noting Colombia and Panama’s full approval of stem cell research and therapy. The discussion covers the extensive rehabilitation process, including a commitment to physical therapy and the importance of setting aside ego for recovery. We also touch on the emotional and relational strain chronic pain can cause, underscoring the potential consequences on family life if such innovative treatments were not pursued. Finally, we offer advice for those considering stem cell therapy, emphasizing the need for thorough research, understanding the injury, and being prepared to actively participate in pre- and post-treatment care.

(0:30:03) – Nutrition, Fitness, and Personal Development (7 Minutes)

In this final chapter, we explore how a nutrition plan doesn’t have to be monotonous; it can be both effective and enjoyable with a little creativity and family involvement. We discuss the benefits of meal prepping and the importance of hydration, sharing a simple formula for calculating daily water intake. We consider the merits of martial arts like jujitsu for fitness and self-defense, but also recognize the value of a balanced routine combining push, pull, and leg exercises for maintaining muscle mass, especially as we age. Highlighting Dr. Gabrielle Lyon’s insights on muscle retention past 50, Erik stresses the crucial role of protein in our diets and the necessity of tracking our macronutrient intake. Finally, Erik advocates for strength training as the key to longevity and recovery from injuries in later life, and encourage incorporating family into fitness journeys and embracing the long game for sustainable health benefits.


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