Dr. Laura Koniver, MD

Dr. Laura Koniver, MD

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Dr. Laura Koniver, MD   Health – Grounding

When you’ve tried everything else, and you’re still not well, try grounding! And if you’re perfectly well and want to stay well, keep grounding! Peer reviewed studies have shown Grounding can improve sleep, reduce inflammation, and resolve metabolic issues.

Embark on an eye-opening exploration of the myriad health benefits grounding can offer, from the perspective of both personal anecdotes and informal studies done by Dr. Laura Koniver!


Episode Summary:

Ever felt like you’re missing a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to true health and well-being? That’s exactly what Dr. Koniver felt before embracing the earth’s natural energy as a cornerstone of healing. In a captivating exchange, Dr. Koniver, a former practitioner of conventional medicine, shares her transformative journey and reveals how the simple act of grounding—connecting with the earth—can bolster our health in ways we never imagined. From combating inflammation to improving sleep, this episode is a treasure trove of insights into how grounding can serve as a foundational practice for anyone seeking to enhance their resilience and vitality.

Dr. Koniver shares remarkable stories of recovery and rejuvenation that challenge our understanding of health, offering a fresh look at how earthing could play a role in treating insomnia, inflammation, and even metabolic issues. We also confront the skepticism that often clouds perceptions of grounding, unpacking the historical context of our disconnection and the profound simplicity of restoring it. This conversation is brimming with insights on how you can integrate grounding into your daily routine, transforming it from an overlooked aspect of our ancestry to a cornerstone of contemporary wellness.

In our final chapter, we delve into practical grounding techniques that promise both immediate relief and long-term health improvements. From muscle tension to sleep quality, Dr. Koniver highlights how grounding can be seamlessly incorporated into our modern lives, offering solutions from eco-friendly products to EMF shielding strategies. This episode is more than just a discussion; it’s an invitation to make a tangible change in your pursuit of vitality. Dr. Koniver doesn’t just talk the talk; she walks you through how to make grounding a part of your journey to a healthier, more connected life. Join us and take this step toward nurturing your connection with the Earth, one that promises to enrich your health and ground your spirit.


(0:00:00) – Grounding in Healing
(0:06:28) – More Benefits of Grounding
(0:16:48) – Safety in Grounding
(0:20:33) – Grounding Benefits Internal Organs
(0:30:57) – Immediate and long-term Benefits of Grounding
(0:35:04) – Grounding Options

Chapter Summaries:

(0:00:00) – Grounding in Healing (6 Minutes)

This chapter, I explore the journey of Dr. Koniver from conventional medicine to the practice of grounding as a means to improve health. Reflecting on the dissatisfaction with the band-aid solutions of traditional healthcare, Dr. Koniver shares the personal crisis that led to a shift in focus towards enhancing health rather than just treating disease. Grounding, a practice of connecting physically with the earth, is presented as a transformative approach to health that Dr. Koniver personally adopted and now recommends to almost all patients, barring those with certain medical conditions. The chapter emphasizes the importance of maintaining the body’s resilience and the positive impacts of grounding, both outdoors and with indoor alternatives, as a baseline for well-being.

(0:06:28) – More Benefits of Grounding (10 Minutes)

This chapter explores the benefits of grounding, also known as earthing, in treating various health issues such as insomnia, metabolism, and inflammatory conditions. I discuss personal observations and informal studies on the positive impact grounding has on patients, including anecdotal evidence of weight loss without changes to diet or exercise. The conversation touches upon legal nuances regarding the terminology of earthing vs. grounding, as well as the wide-ranging health improvements noted by practitioners and individuals alike, from tendinitis to arthritis. I also reflect on the potential for grounding to combat long-term effects of aging by managing inflammation. Highlighted are documented cases from documentaries that show remarkable recoveries attributed to grounding, including a critical health turnaround featured in the film “Heal for Free.

(0:16:48) – Safety in Grounding (4 Minutes)

This chapter examines the safety and efficacy of grounding techniques for health and wellness. We explore the benefits of grounding your bed to avoid potential safety hazards like choking or tripping on cords during sleep. Highlighting my recommendation for a grounding bed roll or topper as a safer alternative to wristbands or patches, we touch on the risks involved, especially for children. We also discuss the fascinating results of grounding on plant life, noting how grounded plants can grow faster and produce more blooms, and how this principle might apply to human health, suggesting that grounding could lead to improved vitality and well-being. Finally, we consider the limitations of grounding, acknowledging that it isn’t a panacea for all health issues, particularly structural or anatomical problems, and ponder its role as a potential first-line approach to wellness versus its use for chronic conditions.

(0:20:33) – Grounding Benefits Internal Organs (10 Minutes)

This chapter examines the benefits of grounding and its impact on our body’s organ systems. I explain how grounding can influence the electrical potential of red blood cells to reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks and how it can potentially alleviate issues like inflammation and sleep disturbances. However, I also stress that grounding is not a magical cure-all. It’s a way to enhance innate health rather than reverse all damage from environmental toxins. I share insights into the skepticism some people have about grounding despite its natural role in human history and the strange paradox of society’s willingness to protect inanimate electrical appliances with grounding but not extend the same logic to the human body. Through this, we unpack the idea that direct contact with the Earth can be a supportive element for our health, just as essential as the air we breathe and the food we eat.

(0:30:57) – Immediate and long-term Benefits of Grounding (4 Minutes)

This chapter explores the immediate and long-term health benefits of grounding, suggesting that even brief contact with the earth can reduce muscle tension and prevent headaches, while longer periods may improve sleep quality, decrease inflammation, and aid in recovery for athletes. We touch on the idea that human bodies are naturally meant to be grounded constantly and how modern lifestyles have disrupted this connection. Additionally, I highlight eco-friendly grounding products available on my website, emphasizing their sustainability and durability compared to typical plastic-based products. We also discuss the practicality of starting with a wristband or grounding mat for those new to grounding and the importance of direct skin contact, noting that most socks can inhibit the grounding process.

(0:35:04) – Grounding Options (7 Minutes)

This chapter examines the concept of grounding, emphasizing that it doesn’t necessarily have to involve the feet, as any skin contact, even a single cell, can ground the body. We explore grounding tools, such as throws and bed tops, and how they can be used to maintain contact and achieve grounding even while fully clothed. Additionally, we discuss the significance of shielding from man-made electromagnetic fields (EMFs), despite their omnipresence in modern life. I address the importance of EMF shielding cords, which prevent AC current from traveling up the grounding tool, making it especially relevant for individuals with electro-hypersensitivity. Moreover, we consider practical measures for minimizing EMF exposure, like using outlet timers to automatically turn off routers at night, thereby enhancing the quality of rest and recovery.



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