Steven Sashen

Steven Sashen

 Barefoot changed my life! First, I no longer got injuries from sprinting. Then I started a shoe company! with Steven Sashen          … 

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Steven Sashen is one of the fastest sprinters over the age of 55 in the country. But he didn’t start sprinting (since high-school) until his 40’s. Along the way he discovered running barefoot not only resolved a lot of foot and leg injuries, but improved his speed and endurance.

That twist of fate led to him creating a new sandal-shoe, then start Xero Shoes company, being on Shark Tank, and living life to the fullest!




From the website:

Pretty much all of my time is spent building the barefoot sandal business that Lena and I started. It all began, almost as a joke, in a corner of a spare bedroom. But now it’s a thriving business with an office, employees, and a LOT of late nights. Xero Shoes (originally Invisible Shoes) are a modern take on the tire sandals made by the Tarahumara in Mexico. They give you all the fun and benefits of being barefoot, but with a layer of protection, style… and FUN.

If I’m not in the Xero Shoes office, or at home resting, you’ll find me on one of the tracks in Boulder — I’m a Masters All-American Sprinter. That’s right, sprinter, not runner. Contrary to this picture, I don’t do too much off the track and I rarely run more than 200m at a time (and even that I do reluctantly). During the indoor season, I run the 50 and 60m. Outdoor, I run the 100m and, rarely, the 200m. My current personal best for the 100m is 12.2. Not bad for a 50+ guy. But I’m aiming for 11.9 this year!


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