Dr. Stacy Andersen, PhD

Dr. Stacy Andersen, PhD

Centenarians … Thousands are still Active, Healthy and Happy!  with Dr. Stacy Anderson, PhD      

Dr. Stacy Andersen, PhD – Health – Longevity –

For more than 20 years, Dr. Stacy Andersen has conducted clinical research on why individuals live to be 100 years and older. The study has the largest number of centenarians in the world.

Conducted through the Boston School of Medicine, studying centenarians gives hope that we can all learn to delay disease and disability until the end of our life.

The idea is to age well. To be healthy and have a sharp mind at 100 we need to take care of ourselves today.




From the Boston University Medical Campus website:

Stacy Andersen, PhD has conducted research with the New England Centenarian Study since 2000. Her earlier work involved the investigation of the delay or escape of age-related illnesses and disability in centenarians and their family members. Historically, gerontologists and the lay public assumed that living longer was associated with an increased duration of age-related illnesses. 

Then, in 1980, Jim Fries proposed his compression of morbidity hypothesis, suggesting that as people live to the limit of human life span, they necessarily postpone or delay age-related diseases towards the end of life. She first investigated this hypothesis in relation to cancer, normally associated with high mortality risk. In this study she documented a 17-year delay in the onset of cancer diagnoses compared with a national cancer database.

More recently Dr. Andersen has been investigating cognitive function in family members of long-lived individuals in the Long Life Family Study. Analyses of cognitive function in this cohort reveal that family members from the offspring generation perform better on some tests of neuropsychological function than their spouses who do not have familial longevity.






If you would like to learn more about the centenarian studies, visit: BUMC.bu.edu/centenarian.