Dr. Mimi Secor, DNP

Dr. Mimi Secor, DNP

From Heavy to Hottie, 62 year old Bodybuilder Tells All.                                

Mimi Secor

Bodybuilder at 62!

Dr. Mimi Secor, a 59 year old nurse practitioner, was overweight for over 30 years when one day her body-builder daughter Kat confronted her to be a better role model to other medical professionals. In only a couple of years Mimi lost over 35 pounds and 12 inches off her waist as she totally changed her physique through bodybuilding. Listen in to hear how she did it, as well as launching her new career at age 62.


You can learn more about Mimi and her transformation by visiting www.coachkatanddrmimi.com and MimiSecor.com.