Michael Arnstein

Michael Arnstein

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Michael.Arnstein is a fruit-powered ultra-marathon runner, one of the fastest on the planet.  He’s run over a HUNDRED, 100-mile races, even two 100-milers in one week! He ran many of those races while raising 3 young children and running a company.

All the while, fine tuning his diet from vegetarian, to vegan, to fruitarian, to mono-meal fruitarian. He’s incredibly healthy, giving his mostly fruit diet credit for becoming super-human.











You can learn more about Michael by visiting MichaelArnstein.com 
and there is a lot more about Michael at TheFruitarian.com 

To see what the Woodstock Fruit Festival is all about visit TheWoodstockFruitFestival.com 

And if you’re engaged, you might want to check out his company at TheNaturalSapphireCompany.com