Dr. Joy Kong, MD

Dr. Joy Kong, MD

Stem Cells for Healing!   Stem cells for The Fountain of Youth!         

Dr. Joy Kong – Health – Stem Cells

Dr. Joy Kong is a triple board-certified physician who specializes in Regenerative Medicine. She is the founder of TheA Center for Regenerative Medicine and Chara Biologics dedicated to anti-aging and stem cell therapy.

Dr. Kong focuses on the prevention of aging, as well as chronic and degenerative conditions, often resolving issues that other doctors could not. She believes that complete healing can only come from looking at the whole person – mind, body, and soul.



From the TheA Center for Regenerative Medicine website:

Dr. Kong is a leading figure in the regenerative medicine field, a well-respected physician, and avid educator. She has taught hundreds of other doctors on how to conduct stem cell therapy, and is the president of American Academy of Integrative Cell Therapy.




If you would like to learn more about stem cell treatments, please visit:   TheACenterForRegenerativeMedicine

Additional information about stem cell therapy can be found at the AmericanAcademyOfIntegrativeCellTherapy

You can learn more about Dr. Kong at  Instagram.com/TigerOfBeijing  and  Facebook.com/TigerOfBeijing