Dr. Allan Kalmus, MD

Dr. Allan Kalmus, MD

Vegan! The NO EXERCISE weight loss program! Part 2 of 2 with Dr. Allan Kalmus           

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Dr. Allan Kalmus, at 5’6” weighed 284 in his late 50’s. He tried different weight loss programs over the years but they never stuck. After several people in Allen’s life died suddenly from heart disease, plus several other friends had stents put in their hearts, Allan called his friend Dr. Joel Kahn to get some advice.

The advice was to eat plants!

So Allan made a New Year’s resolution to eat only plants for a year. Six years later, he’s still eating plants and he’s in the best shape of his life!





You can learn more about Allan’s journey by visiting his blog at 01ReluctantVegan.blogspot.com.  

Lots of delicious recipes and weight loss tips. Eat your way to a better life. “It’s kind of like Vegan, Only healthier.”