Dave Durell

Dave Durell

Build More Muscle, in Less Time, at Any Age. Even After 50!     

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Dave Durell was the skinny teenager who figured out how to gain muscle through weight training. He was so inspired that he became a fitness instructor and later a physical therapist and personal trainer.

Merging these methodologies together, he now helps men and women in their 50’s and beyond to build strength and muscle, in less time, with less risk of injury.

And in some cases, they build the most muscle, and achieve the greatest strength of their life! 


Dave Durell  Bio

Dave has studied under some of the top strength training experts in the world and over the years came up with his own unique program that increases muscle mass and strength safely and with minimal time in the gym.

He has worked with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Southeast Missouri State University to help players build strength and improve conditioning, his area of expertise.

Today Dave is focused on helping those over 50 to get strong, stay strong, and be injury free!


If you would like to learn more about fitness by Dave and building more muscle in less time, visit: StrengthAfter50.com