Chris Burres

Chris Burres

C60-Buckyballs can double lifespan!!  Well, at least double the lifespan of rats!!    with Chris Burres           

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Chris Burres discusses the 2012 study that shows C60, affectionately called a Buckyball, might double our lifespan. Well, at least double the life span of rats!

The purpose of the study was to ensure C60 didn’t have toxic side effects. The conclusion of the test showed the rats not only didn’t die prematurely, they lived twice as long!

Chris is an expert in ESS60 (the version of C60 for human consumption), as one of the founders of one of the worlds leading manufactures of carbon fullerenes.




From SES website:

SES Research Inc was founded in Houston, Texas in the summer of 1990 by two University of Houston college students who built their first Fullerene Reactor in a home garage.  Shortly after testing the Reactor and making the first grams of Fullerenes, SES opened its doors up for business in 1991 and  relocated from the garage to an Industrial park.  Over the past 25 years, SES Research has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of Carbon Fullerenes.





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