Dr. Benjamin Gavish, PhD

Dr. Benjamin Gavish, PhD

Lower Blood Pressure without Drugs!  Fall Asleep Quickly, no Meds!       with Dr. Benjamin Gavish    

Dr. Benjamin Gavish, PhD – Health / Lower Blood Pressure without Drugs / Sleep Well without Medication –

Dr. Benjamin Gavish is a professor, biophysist, researcher, and inventor. He invented RESPeRATE the first and only FDA-cleared device proven to lower High Blood Pressure naturally and without side effects.

Well, actually, there was one side-effect. Relaxation. Some users even fell asleep. So they developed a 2nd device called 2Breathe. Yes, breathing in a special way with special rhythmic tones puts some people to sleep in less than a minute!



From the Israel Society for Medical and Biological Engineering website:

Dr. Benjamin Gavish is a biophysicist, freelance researcher and inventor in multiple fields of science and technology. Since 1994 he is the CSO of a digital-health company established with his son Erez Gavish that developed, manufactures and markets his invention – the only device cleared by the FDA for self-treatment of hypertension (RESPeRATE) used by over 200,000 patients that also demonstrated efficacy in treating symptoms of cardiac and pulmonary diseases, and a device (2breathe) for sleep induction.

He holds numerous patents on therapeutic devices and methods and physiological monitoring technologies. During the last two decades he developed novel clinical concepts that enable to obtain by blood pressure measurements non-linear mechanical properties of arteries with diagnostic and prognostic significance, which are being introduced in the clinical practice. He published over 70 peer-reviewed papers in leading journals in medicine, physiology, physics, biochemistry and chemical physics, including PNAS and Nature. Academic career included PhD in theoretical solid-state physics from Tel-Aviv University; Weizmann Institute (Katzir fellowship); University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Fulbright fellowship) and The Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School (Alon fellowship). Past president of Israel Microcirculation Society; a member of the scientific committee of the International Society of Vascular Health and Israel Society for Medical and Biological Engineering. Received awards for scientific achievements and recognitions for excellence in academic teaching.





If you would like to learn more about hypertension, sleep and two products that may help both, visit: RESPeRATE.com and  Resperate.com/2Breathe


YouTube:    2Breathe