Victoria Wieck

Victoria Wieck

 No mentors, No Money, No Matter … Made Millions!  with Victoria Wieck, world-renowned jewelry designer     …

Victoria Wieck – Entrepreneur –

Victoria Wieck is a successful entrepreneur, TV personality, and author. Over 15 million women have purchased her jewelry!

But life wasn’t always glamorous. Victoria is a first generation immigrant from South Korea. When her family arrived they discovered the large sum of money her father had wire transferred, was gone. Suddenly they are pushed into poverty. From the bottom, her entire family became successful, and Victoria became rich and famous!


Victoria’s Story (copied from Victoria Weick’s website)

Victoria grew up in a sleepy coastal village in South Korea, surrounded by abundant natural beauty. One of her favorite activities was to watch the stunning sunset from her home, wondering what lay beyond the horizon. She would ask her mother endless questions about the world outside of her small town. Her mother read her stories and taught her how to read, but her curiosity knew no bounds. In school, she excelled in reading, writing, and art. 

In 1972, her father moved his family to America, where he felt they would have greater opportunities to follow their dreams. Immediately after arriving in Los Angeles, she had to adapt to a new culture, learn a new language, and make new friends. During those years, she often communicated with her drawing when she didn’t know the right word. Immigrant life as a young teen was difficult, but she embraced it with hope and optimism. 

Victoria’s dream was to study literature or art in college, but her parents urged her to consider business instead. After making so many sacrifices for their children—giving up a comfortable life in South Korea and starting over—they wanted to be sure that their children would end up with secure jobs. She worked full time while completing a BS degree in Economics from UCLA and an MBA from USC. 

After graduate school, she was offered several jobs in New York but took a marketing job at a jewelry manufacturing company in Los Angeles to stay closer to her family. Much to her surprise, she ended up using her artistic talents a lot more than she ever imagined. Believing that there was a market for high quality, stylish jewelry at affordable prices, she formed her own company in 1989 on a shoestring budget. Over the next three decades, her jewelry career allowed her to travel to many places she’d only read about ever since she was a young girl. Victoria’s jewelry designs are inspired by her extensive travels, soaking in history, cultures, and architecture. Today, she is a successful jewelry designer with her own TV show on Shop HQ, connecting with millions of viewers regularly.  

After traveling millions of miles around the world over her 30-year career, she finds herself more curious than ever. Victoria is an avid reader of thriller, mystery, science fiction, historical fiction, and self-improvement books. One day, her husband encouraged her to write a novel about her experiences traveling around the world and the various human conditions that exist. 

When she’s not on TV with her latest collections, she’s either writing or reading. Just a few weeks ago, she completed her first novel, Shattered Sky, a 94,000-word, Science Fiction/Young Adult Thriller. It’s a gripping thriller about a young girl who sets out on a mission to save her kidnapped sister and experiences sacrifice, betrayal, and love in a post-WWIII world where survival necessities are scarce. 

Additionally, Victoria began writing a “how-to” book, Living the American Dream Your Way: How to Turn Your American Dream into Reality (working title). This book will serve up a healthy dose of inspiration based on her unique journey, as well as proven methods of starting a business without taking unnecessary risks. With both books, a portion of the proceeds will be set aside for various charities to help others. 


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