Tim Bilbrey

Tim Bilbrey

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Tim Bilbrey   Health – Heart Rehab


Tim Bilbrey is an Exercise Physiologist, and the Co-Founder of RecoveryPlus.Health.

While in high school, Tim’s grand-father had a heart attack, as well as heart procedures. Tim drove him to rehab, and while there, saw the benefits of rehab, which inspired him to help others recover from heart related issues, just as his grand-father did.

Today, Tim runs one of the largest remote cardiac rehab programs, in the United States.





Copied from the RecoveryPlus.Health website:


RecoveryPlus.health is a comprehensive remote cardiac rehab platform for anyone with a chronic heart condition, or those at risk.

Through tailored exercise plans and effective care management, patients are empowered to take control of their heart health and wellness wherever they are.




If you’d like to learn more about cardiac rehab at home, please visit:   RecoveryPlus.Health

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