Silke Schwarzkopf

Silke Schwarzkopf

Divorce After 50. How to Turn Your 2nd Act, into Your Best Act.     with Silke Schwarzkopf   

Silke Schwarzkop – Entrepreneur- Happiness –

Silke Schwarzkopf was in a 25 year marriage, the last 15 of which she was unhappy, to her, it felt like was a slow death. Soon after turning 50, she decided to not only end her marriage, but she and her business partner of many years also parted ways. As expected, the time was stressful, but to Silk-uh, it was good stress. She started a new company, reconnected with high school friends, made new friends and got into the best shape of her life.

Now 61, Silke reflects on how her 50’s were the happiest, most vibrant years of her new life.









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