Mike Bernos

Mike Bernos

A Father Who Didn’t Want to Have Children. But happily, First Time Father at 64! with Mike Bernos           … 

Mike Bernos.  Musician, Producer, Writer and …. Father at 64! –


Mike Bernos is an accomplished businessman, musician, producer and writer. Everything about his life would appear great from the outside. But due to his traumatic childhood with the loss of his mother to cancer and the co-dependency relationship with his father, his life was fraught with conflicting emotional issues. Thankfully, he met a woman in his late 50’s that gave him unconditional love. They married had a son named Joachin, who changed everything.




Books that Mike has written:

Dry Rivers

A Devil’s Tale: of Love and Redemption

Life on the Lip of the Cup (A Very Short Golf Tale)

Diary of a Compulsive Gambler




We talked about Mike’s experience with the Fast-5 diet and the author Dr. Bert Herring.  His wife Judi introduced me to Mike after our interview.  If you haven’t listened to the interview about the Fast-5 diet, you can find it here:


You can learn more about Mike and his band by visiting AmpleAngst.com.