Michael O’Brien

Michael O’Brien

 The Mind of an Executive Coach … through the Rear-View Mirror of Getting Hit by a Truck!      with Michael O’Brien    


Michael O’Brien – Career – Happiness –

Michael O’Brien had a very bad day when an SUV struck him while he was riding his bicycle, nearly ending his life. That accident shifted his life from a very driven, hectic, chasing happiness to feel complete, stressful life to being present. Being present with his family, being present at work, Being present in life. Today he’s still driven, but lives life more aware, more curious, more resilient. And he’s happy.

Michael now coaches executives and other leaders to have their very last bad day.

In addition to coaching executives, Michael is an inspirational speaker, on a quest to help 1 million people have their Last Bad Day. As a corporate coach, Michael elevates successful leaders by helping them prevent bad moments from turning into bad days.












You can learn more about Michael, his books, and his coaching at MichaelOBrienShift.com.