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Obese? You May Need More Sleep! Heart Disease, Diabetes,  & Chronic Diseases . . .  Cured by Sleep?                   …

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Martha Lewis is a Functional Health Coach and Sleep consultant. Today we’re focused on how to get a good nights sleep, and Martha also explains the reasons behind not sleeping well, which can lead to heart disease, diabetes, obesity and a host of other diseases.

So if you, or someone you know has tried most everything to get a good nights sleep, but are still having difficulty getting or staying asleep, Martha may have some great ideas for you!





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If you’ve tried almost everything to sleep better:

..and nothing has worked, .. this is why:

You’re looking at either the body or the mind instead of both at the same time. Imbalances in your body are keeping you awake. Anxiety and negative thoughts about sleep and mental stress in general are also sabotaging your sleep.

You’re guessing instead of testing. You’re trying this pill or that med seeing if it will work without knowing what your body actually needs.

There’s more than one thing causing your insomnia and you’re only looking at one thing at a time.

You aren’t getting to the root of why you can’t sleep. All the pills and gadgets are band-aids that are treating the symptom instead of the underlying cause.

The way to sleep better for good is to find out everything that is keeping you awake in both your body and your mind.



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