Jonathan and Renee Harris

Jonathan and Renee Harris

Financially Successful Kids … BEFORE Going to College! (Maybe even Skip College to Get on the Fast-Track!)        …

Jonathan and Renee Harris – Kids Entrepreneur –


Renee and Jonathan Harris started a skin care business when Jonathan decided he’d rather work from home instead of traveling extensively to keep his six-figure salary.

The business did well, and in time, he and Renee realized they can teach their 9 children the same principles of success before they go to college or out on their own!

If raising well-rounded, financially successful kids is important to you, Jonathan and Renee have created the roadmap!




Copied from Parent Their Passion website:


You’ve invested hours into weekly piano lessons – her posture is good, she’s got the finger positioning down, the plunking of keys every afternoon is beginning to sound like music. Is it worth it?

He begged to play basketball and proved to be pretty decent at it. You give up family dinner time for weeknight practice and cheer from the sidelines every weekend in order to support your young player. Will it matter?

Maybe it’s a technology interest. HTML, JavaScript, Python … those are valuable, right? You just need to figure out what direction they should take with it and what path they should follow.


Here’s the secret to knowing if their interest is worth pursuing:


What if by the time your child graduated from high school, he had a valuable skill-set that was actually PROFITABLE, one that could help pay his way through college, showcase a portfolio of skills, and/or land him his dream job?

What if her passion was something that served not just her own personal desires, but was something specifically sought after by your friends and relatives, and she had the opportunity to serve the needs of others?

What if his long-term talent was something that didn’t mean your family was spread in different directions every weeknight, sacrificing the family dinner for yet another soccer practice?

If their interest or passion could lead to all of that, it’s worth pursuing!





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