Jaleh Bisharat

Jaleh Bisharat

NakedPoppy!  An Accidental Entrepreneur shares Ideas for Success in Business and Life!     …

Jaleh Bisharat – Entrepreneur –

Jaleh Bisharat co-founded NakedPoppy in her late 50’s!

She’s a marketing powerhouse. A Harvard graduate, she began her career as a consultant, and went on to lead the marketing teams as VP or CMO at Amazon, OpenTable, Upwork and Eventbrite.

Jaleh shares her story and ideas on how to become successful by staying positive and having a can-do attitude, even during the most difficult times in life.



A note from Jaleh Bisharat (copied from the NakedPoppy website About page):


I sometimes joke that when Whole Foods started carrying clean beauty products, I was their first customer.

It’s not far from the truth.

I’ve loved organic, nourishing food for as long as I can remember. It made sense to me that over time, what I put in my pores, near my eyes, and on my lips could also have a cumulative impact on my health.

So, about 15 years ago, I started buying some pretty crunchy beauty brands. In the beginning, people were probably too polite to tell me I didn’t look terribly glamorous. But I enjoyed the peace of mind.

Then, something magical happened. Products started getting better. I found a clean mascara that worked just as well as traditional mascara!

So, I became obsessed with the idea of starting a company that makes clean makeup easy to buy online, so that many more people could enjoy better-for-you beauty. And, in 2019, we launched NakedPoppy.

I want your makeup and skin rituals to be a joy not just because they make you feel good, but because they’re made with safe ingredients and high-quality processes that honor your body and your values.

I also want to make it easy for you to look incredible. 😉

After starting your journey with NakedPoppy, I predict you’ll find that your relationship with makeup and your skin has changed. You’ll be excited about the integrity of having a clean beauty routine, and feel a new level of confidence.

It’s an important shift, and I want to personally thank you for being on this journey with us.




If you’d like to visit NakedPoppy: NakedPoppy.com

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