Eric Stoffers

Eric Stoffers

If Stem Cells Help Elite Athletes (and the Rich and Famous), They May Help You Too!          

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Eric Stoffers is the founder of bioXcellerator, a world leader in advanced stem-cell therapy.

Anyone who is living with sports injuries, auto-immune disease, neurological diseases, spinal cord injuries, if you’re suffering from multiple concussions, or even stroke, the future of medicine is here and stem cell therapy may help.

Some people have stem cell therapy for anti-aging and skin rejuvenation. Whatever your reason, stem cells may be able to help you!




From the bioXcellertor website:

World leader in advanced stem cell therapy for orthopedic and sports injuries, autoimmune diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases, anti-aging and cosmetic.

BioXcellerator, is the world leader in stem cell therapy and innovation. Our scientific partners and Medical Doctors have successfully treated patients, for everything ranging from sports & orthopedic injuries, anti-aging & rejuvenation treatments, to life-threatening and debilitating diseases such as autoimmune and degenerative conditions.



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