Eric Edmeades

Eric Edmeades

Health, Wealth & Happiness. Serial Entrepreneur & Health Fanatic, Eric Edmeades      …

Eric Edmeades – Entrepreneur –

Eric Edmeades is living life to the fullest. Early in life he became wealthy and had a family but then hit a few bumps on his journey, including “not so good health.”

Now in his 50’s, with a young child, he is enjoying life to the fullest with great health, wealth, and happiness. Listen in as Eric takes us through his entrepreneurial journey of buying and starting multiple companies that eventually led to creating WildFit.


From the Eric Edmeades website:

Eric Edmeades is a serial entrepreneur with experience including wireless networking, military research, Hollywood film production, and award-winning and life-saving medical simulation.

Today, Eric is a leading authority in Behavioral Change Dynamics. Eric has created and consulted on some of the most effective, transformative, and highly rated educational products and live events in the world.

Widely recognized as one of the most powerful, engaging and entertaining speakers in the world today, Eric Edmeades has shared the stage with Sir Richard Branson, Jack Canfield, John Gray, Robin Sharma, and President Bill Clinton. His dedication and passion for improving the quality of human lives all across the world was the inspiration behind his flagship program, WILDFIT®, globally recognized as the most effective health transformation program on the market. With a story that takes you from South Africa to Indonesia to the Northern landscape of Canada, Eric Edmeades’ range of work promises to leave a lasting impression on



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