Ellen Kocher and Dominique Ben Dhaou

Ellen Kocher and Dominique Ben Dhaou

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Ellen Kocher and Dominque Ben Dhaou – Entrepreneur –

Ellen Kocher and Dominique Ben Dhaou were both corporate fast-trackers. Ellen was a senior management consultant, and Dominique was the global head of HR, for a company with 95,000 employees in 150 countries.

Both traveled extensively, with the long hours and stress, that goes along with senior level positions in corporate life.

In their 50’s, they both started their own companies. And later, started a company together that help others thrive, after the age of 50!




Copied from their website:

Ellen Kocher is a Swiss-American economist and certified Workplace Wellness Consultant and Holistic Health Coach. With a master’s degree in Health & Wellness Coaching and multiple accreditations, Ellen has lived in Switzerland for three decades. She has dedicated the last 15+ years to coaching hundreds of individuals and groups in dozens of organizations to make sustainable lifestyle changes, empowering them to go from knowing what to do to actually doing it!

Dominique Ben Dhaou has been working in human resources leadership for over 30 years. As the founder and Managing Director of the consulting firm, PointNorth International, she helps professionals and executives reinvent careers that truly fit their experience, values, skills and purpose. In 2016, she was named “Best Professional in Human Resources.” In 2018, she was voted “Best Leader of the Year” by the same organization.




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