Dr. Coralie Graham, Ph.D.

Dr. Coralie Graham, Ph.D.

“Permanent” Stroke and Brain Injury.  Can Dramatic Improvements be Made in Minutes?!         Part 2 of 2   ….

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Coralie Graham’s son Joel, was a happy, vivacious 3 year old until the day he caught a stomach virus. Joel was vomiting so much that Coralie took him to the hospital.

Once there, the staff administered intravenous fluids which caused his brain to swell, damaging his brain. For the next 23 years life was a struggle for Joel and Coralie.

But thanks to an innovative way to treat strokes and other brain injuries, both their lives dramatically improved within minutes.          

(Part 2 of 2)








You can learn more about the amazing possibilities of Perispinal Etanercept Treatment by visiting StrokeRecoveryTrialFund.org.

Be sure so see the success stories, including one of Joel  StrokeRecoveryTrialFund.org/success-stories-links.

The clinical trial publication has just been released :
Ralph, S. J., Weissenberger, A., Bonev, V., King, L. D., Bonham, M. D., Ferguson, S., Smith, A.D., Goodman-Jones, A.A., & Espinet, A. J. (2020). Phase I/II parallel double-blind randomized controlled clinical trial of perispinal etanercept for chronic stroke: improved mobility and pain alleviation. Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs, 1-16.

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