Dr. Brad Bongiovanni

Dr. Brad Bongiovanni

Better Biology by Being Best Friends!   with Dr. Brad Bongiovanni       

Dr. Brad Bongiovanni – Health / Connection –

Dr. Brad Bongiovanni, a Naturopathic physician seeks to find the underlying condition to any ailment a patient is experiencing. He is also an expert in Nutritional Psychiatry. What that means is what we eat, not only affects our body, it affects our mind.

Dr. Bongiovanni also explains how our mind, that is our mindfulness, our love, and our connection, affect our body. Being with others, connecting with others is actually good for our health!



From the DrBradBongiovanni website:

A man by many names, Dr. Bongiovanni is sometimes called Dr. B by his former patients, and Dr. Love by those who know his work. He works with executives, leaders, and change-makers worldwide, helping them to experience love, purpose and connection in their own life, so that they can authentically share their experience and lessons with their own people.





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